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Rank Explanation

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Game Ranks
Ingame Rank:  Owner
Owner(s) runs the server, develops it, manages it. They deal with the maintenance of the In-Game quality and forums experience. JT is the Owner, and Rachel is the Forum Owner.
Job Description: Overlook the server, handle financial planning, lead the server with visionary thinking, and planning courses of actions. 
 Content Developer / Coder
Ingame Rank:  Coder
Anyone with this rank is an official developer. This Rank mainly stands for In-Game Development and the position is covered by Xitra, however he has the go ahead from JT to make executive decisions regardless of what type of decisions they are.
Job Description: Codes the In-Game Content, and has the ability to make executive decisions.

Ingame Rank:  Manager
he Manager rank's  job includes managing the the game and forums. Their main job is to manage the Moderators and Administrators of the game/forum. They are also in charge of marketing the server, occasionally helping players in game, and helping with promotion/demotion decisions.
Job Description: Manages the staff team, handles the server's marketing, and manages quality assurance.
Ingame Rank:  Administrator
The Administrators job is to monitor the activity that occurs in the game. Administrators have a strong technical background such as troubleshooting errors that players face from the game and the forums. The Administrators have more control in-game than on the forums for the sole purpose of testing for bugs, and creating guides for many aspects of the game. If need be, Administrators can take executive actions regarding punishments.
Job Description: Tests many aspects of the server, helps troubleshoot errors that players run into, and creates comprehensive guides.

(NOTE: Administrators and Moderators are in different departments of the staff team, one is not greater than the other. The Administrator handles more of the technical side of things, while the moderator handles more of the social side of things.)
Ingame Rank:  Moderator
Moderators deal with player reports, in-game issues, minor forum monitoring, bans/mutes, and all kind of game issues. These individuals are easy to get in-touch with due to a very high requirement of game activity. They will help you to the best of their abilities, and if they can't, they will redirect you to someone who can.
Job Description: Moderate by constantly checking that the rules are being followed & handles punishments. He also helps players in game and answers any questions players may have. 

Forum Ranks
 Forum Administrator
No rank ingame...
Forum Administrators job is to monitor the activity that occurs on the forums. Like the forum moderators, the forum administrator is responsible for ensuring that all community members adhere to the forum rules. Their job includes overseeing the forum moderator team, and are in charge of promotions within the forum moderator team. The forum administrators have more control over the forums than regular administrators.
Job Description: Monitors the activity that occurs on the forums. Oversees the forum moderators and helpers, and is responsible for ensuring that all community members adhere to the forum rules.

 Forum Moderator
No rank ingame...
They deal with monitoring the forums, and making it look clean and tidy. These individuals, like the forum administrators and forum helpers are strictly here for forum coverage, and do not have a rank in-game. They can lock, move, edit and delete posts/topics. If you need any assistance navigating the forums, these members will most likely be able to answer/help you. Just make sure to contact them through a forum private message.
Job Description: Forum monitoring, forum cleanup and forum reports.
 Forum Helper
No rank ingame...
Forum helpers dont have access to a moderator panel. What they can do is provide forum support by answering any questions you might have for them. The rank itself is much like the ingame server support rank. Like the in-game helpers, their job is to help answer any and all questions you might have for them.
Job Description: Helps players on the forums by answering all kind of questions you might have for them

Other Ranks
The special Secret Rank, works with the Developer. Only picked by the Coder/Developer.
A player who has donated to the server. Players can only donate for a Permanent 'Donator' Rank Currently
 Extreme Donator
A player who has donated a high amount to the server. Players can only donate for a Permanent 'Extreme Donator' Rank Currently
A player who has shown a considerable level of skill in GFX-Designing and 3D Renderring.

~ Regards, The Infamous Reborn Team

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