Official Infamous Reborn Game RuleBook

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Official Infamous Reborn Game RuleBook

Post by Bonesaw on Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:25 pm

Official Infamous Reborn Game Rules

Please remember that these rules are in place to help our game be enjoy able, fair and to keep our game & forums a safe environment. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and remember to abide by them at all times. If you see any player validating or not following these rules, be sure to report them in the appropriate forum location so they can be dealt with by our staff.

Section One (1.0.) - Language & Talking

- Respect
- Profanity & Inappropriate language

#1 Offence: Warning
#2 Offence: 24 hour Mute
#3 Offence: Permanent Mute

- Discrimination & Racism
- Bullying

#1 Offence:  1 Week Ban
#2 Offence: Permanent /  IP-Ban

- Excessive Trolling

#1 Offence: Warning
#2 Offence: Mute for 48 hours
#3 Offence: Permanent Mute

- Advertising
- Spamming

#1 Offence: Permanent IP-Ban
(If you advertise or spam, you are giving us full permission to execute our anti-advertising/anti-spamming technology. You have been warned.)

- Leaking someones personal information

#1 Offence: Ban
(It is ok to share personal info about yourself, however this is at your own discretion.)
- Blackmailing
- Scamming

#1 Offence: 48 hour Ban
#2 Offence: Permanent Ban

Section Two (2.0.) - Threats

- DDoS Threats

#1 Offence: MAC-Ban

- Hacking Threats

#1 Offence: MAC-Ban

- Leaking IP addresses

#1 Offence: IP Ban

Section Three (3.0.) - Botting / Macroing / Afking

- Botting / Macroing

My philosophy is that botting kills the fun/point of a game, and with that being said if we catch you botting the punishments include: 48 hour ban + an account rollback, permanent account ban, and finally IP ban. Also, with these punishments will also come with another punishment, which is us having "fun" with your account. Think before you bot.

- Using a Third party program

#1 Offence: Permanent Ban
#2 Offence: Permanent IP Ban

- Afk Training

#1 Offence: Jail 24 hours / 48 hours
#2 Offence: Temporary Ban/Skill Reset
#3 Offence: Permanent Ban

Section Four (4.0.) - Bug Abusing

- Abusing Bugs / Glitches

#1 Offence: Permanent Ban
#2 Offence: IP-Ban

- Account Sharing
Account sharing is not against the rules, however, we will not assist you in any way if something were to happen to your account, it's at your own risk.

Section Six (6.0.) - Staff

- Staff Impersonation

#1 Offence: Permanent Ban

- False (or faking) Evidence (when reporting a staff member)

#1 Offence: Permanent Ban

- Backseat Moderating

#1 Offence: 48 hour Mute
#2 Offence: Permanent Mute

Please Report any players that make you feel uncomfortable with your personal details. We do not tolerate violation of our rules. Any player caught violating the game and/or forum rules will be dealt with accordingly.
If anyone is asking for your personal information like your, passwords or other type of information. Report them immediately. By logging into Infamous Reborn, you agree that you have read the in-game rules, and will follow them.

Staff that are held in high regards and can be trusted with information.

King Regards ~~  The Infamous Reborn Community

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