[RULES] Forum & Ingame Suggestion section

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[RULES] Forum & Ingame Suggestion section

Post by Bonesaw on Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:19 pm

These are the rules for the Suggestions section on the forums:

  • Please keep all Suggestions short and straight to the point, we don't want a 9 hour essay on why certain things should be added.
  • Making a neat and presentable thread will be more considered to be added as the person knows more about what they're talking about.
  • Do not suggest things that cannot be added, such as items from a 749 Revision when the server is only 718.
  • Do not post multiple topics about the same exact thing, they will be deleted and you will be given a warning.
  • Please do not try to force things into our heads by suggesting them harshly, saying the server will die without this or that is not going to change our minds.
  • Do not steal ideas, if you wish to support another players suggestions then simply go support them, don't create a duplicated thread of their suggestion.

This is not a Feedback section, please do not post about how you hate the server or anything related to that.

- If you are making a forum and/or ingame suggestion, please add; [Forum] - [Ingame] in the topic. This makes it easier for our game & forum developers to see what the suggestion is for -

There are other rules that applies to this section that's not covered in this thread, so be sure to follow them.

~ Regards, the  Management Team.

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